Strutt Films was initially founded in 2012 in order to produce the long feature Fever, released in France in 2015. The movie was shown in several festivals around the world, was released in the U.S. and won a Special Mention Award at the Oldenburg festival in Germany as well as the Best Actor Award at the Mumbai festival in India. Our company also produces short movies and music videos, and is currently preparing Raphaël Neal’s next film.

Raphaël Neal (founder – producer)
Fever is Raphaël Neal’s first long feature. His photo work has been exhibited and published in France and internationally since 2005. His images are inspired by cinema, literature, dreams and by his own life experiences. The on-going series Bates Productions, which started in 2001, presents stills and posters of real actors starring in imaginary movies. Through self-portraits he explores themes which continually fascinate him such as solitude and seduction, boredom and imposture. His series de qui aurais-je crainte ?, entirely shot outdoors in locations containing no trace of civilisation, has been published by Le Bec en l’Air in 2015 as a book with a text by French author Alice Zeniter. Shot in different countries, his latest series of self-portraits, IKWIG!, depicts characters who seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Raphaël is currently finishing a new photo series inspired by movie memorabilia, Rescapee. Alongside his photo work, he regularly works as an actor (in movies by Claire Denis, Claude Chabrol, Sofia Coppola, Bertrand Bonello or Alexander Sokourov). See Raphaël Neal’s photo work here : raphaelneal.com

mathilde-TrichetMathilde Trichet (producer)
After graduating from HEC, Mathilde Trichet worked in management control within Vivendi / Canal +, including Sofica Gimages. She then became a freelance in French ‘auteur’ cinema, working in development and production of projects for various independent companies : Capricci Films (Albert Serra, Dominique Marchais, HPG), Revolt Cinema (Lech Kowalski), Alice Films (Bécue Laurent -Renard), Ad Libitum (Dominique Cabrera), Libres Courts (Henri-François Imbert). From 2010 to 2013, Mathilde was part of the “Paris Project” team, a co-production platform of the Paris Cinema festival, and co-coordinated Capricci’s magazine. She also worked on the launch of the movie magazine Sofilm and translated into French The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood by Joe Eszterhas, published in 2014 by Capricci. Having worked with Raphaël Neal since 2013, she joined Strutt Films in 2015.